Digital Breadcrumbs – Week 9

Would it surprise you if someone pulled out video footage of your entire day? It would most definitely concern me, however, this may be the reality that we live in. Pod Academy (2016) explains how our lives are constantly under the radar, not necessarily through video footage, but that our lives each day are tracked in various ways. They state “We willingly tag ourselves in specific locations through social media platforms, and freely use contactless cards and debit cards, which give retailers, banks and various other organizations information about our daily movement.” Although I was aware that my data is being tracked, and sold to advertisers, one thing that came as a shock to me was the banking and debit card portion of this statement. It seemed wrong and frightening to me that information that I thought all along was private was being sold without me knowing. The money that I spend and where I keep it is not something that I want very many others to know so I felt violated upon finding out this information. 

I often see the results of my data being sold on a daily basis when it comes to spam. Through my time surfing the internet, I have given my email, phone number, and other information to many websites, and I have since paid the price. I think that I receive a lot more spam texts, calls, and emails than the average person. So much to the point that it hardly even bothers me anymore. I also receive a lot of suspiciously convenient advertisements on Instagram and Youtube. Sometimes it feels as though my phone is listening to me, as an ad will come up just after I mention a product to one of my friends. Regardless, it does not bother me too much that I receive these advertisements, although it does frighten me what would happen if the data that has been collected on me is used for a more harmful purpose. 

Pod Academy. 2016. “Digital breadcrumbs: The data trail we leave behind us.

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