Transmedia Integration- Week 11

Creating a journey for a reader through multiple platforms and keeping them invested by continuously adding more layers to the original topic is the premise of Transmedia Integration. In Kevin Britteny Lauren’s blog (2013) they detail how the internationally famous media franchise Pokémon has withstood the test of time through Transmedia Integration. They quote Henry Jenkins’s breakdown of transmedia storytelling, “a transmedia text does not simply disperse information: it provides a set of roles and goals which readers can assume as they enact aspects of the story through their everyday life” (2013). 

The blog then describes how Pokémon has used transmedia integration through couple of key points. They state that Pokémon has made its content very accessible and that anyone can easily follow along. They also state how Pokémon engrosses viewers by surrounding them with different types of Pokémon content on different platforms and allows them to enact aspects of the story in everyday life. These three aspects: accessibility, storytelling, and real-life application make up the success story of Pokémon and had me thinking about how I could apply this to my own blog. 

The first idea that I thought of was branching onto Instagram and making an archive page. That was the original inspiration for this blog in the first place, so it made me happy to know that I’m able to come full circle. For those who do not know, an archive page is a showcase of aesthetics of all kinds, arranged in a collage type of format. The main difference between the archive page and my blog right now is that it is harder to write as much detail about the piece of art in the Instagram caption. My next idea is to also create art showcasing content on Tiktok. At first, I was a little stumped on how to do this as on Tiktok it is not as simple as finding a cool piece of work and clicking upload, there has to be more to the content for it to be successful on Tiktok. An idea that I then came up with is explaining the background of the artist and how the art was created in a more commentary style of video. I thought of this by thinking about one of my favorite Tiktok content creators known as songpsych. She gives breakdowns of songs, provides background for why a song was created, and teaches fun facts related to music. I think that many people may enjoy this blueprint of content geared toward art instead of music. Those are just two simple ways that I can get started with Transmedia Integration, after I take those first two steps, I hope to continue branching out to even more platforms to fully engage my viewers throughout their lives. 

Example using songpsych's video format


Kevinbrittenylauren.wordpress.com. (2013). “Pokemon as transmedia storytelling“

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