Website Analysis – Week 6

Website analysis week 6: OCt 18-2

Whenever I need inspiration for an artistic project, or a detailed infographic to model off of, or even just to browse through some cool stuff, my go-to website is “Behance”. Behance is a website made by adobe where creatives can go to post their work. The content on the website includes animations, infographics, videos, collages and so much more. 

Adobe traditionally has really strong web designs, however since Behance is still one of their newer endeavors I think that it has its strengths and weaknesses. 

The first thing that I think Adobe has done really well is their ease of use. The moment you land on the home page every function that is available is very clear. The first thing you will probably notice is the featured projects that are displayed. By hovering your mouse over these projects it is clear by the underlining of the title that you can view them in full scale. The other details related to these projects are also very clear, the thumbs-up icon shows the likes, and the eye icon shows the views. When your mouse hovers over the image it becomes tinted and gives the option to save the project to a collection. A new user could familiarize themselves with the interface fairly quickly and not be frustrated, which is most definitely one of Behance’s strong points. 

Behance has also done a great job with the small details that make the site feel smooth. Their animations are noticeable but not distracting giving a balance between aesthetics and function. One example of this is when you click on any of the menu items under the search bar. When you do this the scale and position of the text simultaneously adjust to bring the word to the top corner of the rectangle making for a clean and simple animation. 

The weaknesses of Behance’s design are fairly obvious to me. The moment I land on the main page everything just seems far too overwhelming. There is just too much going on at once. If Behance were to make better use of white space to allow more space between each project I think that the website would look a lot more clean. There are also three different lines of menus on the page. If one of the menus was folded up and only accessed if an arrow was clicked, it would also make the site easier on the eyes.

One bonus addition that I think would be cool to add (although it is not necessary) would be to make the projects fade in as you scroll down through them. I think this would add another element of interest for the user and add to the website’s overall feel. 


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