Website Development-Week 5

This week I started posting my website’s main content! Through doing that I realized remembered why I chose this topic in the first place. I spent hours browsing through old saved collections of art that I have bookmarked on various social media sites, that I have in person and on random blogs. I found it really fun to look through, but very hard to chose from. I decided on separating my posts into categories of art. The first one that I chose was photography, I thought it was best to start out with something simple. Some other categories that I have in my head are fashion, digital art, film, music videos and iconic moments. 

This week I also went through the feedback that I received on my first review. I have gone to work applying it by removing some of the leftover parts of the template that I have used and by creating my public posts. During the next few weeks, I’m going to continue to work on the rest of the feedback that was given. Some things I want to work on are adding more features for accessibility, creating sub-menus, making my posts more organized and adding more flashy features on my homepage. 

After doing this week’s readings I also thought about how I could apply that knowledge to my own site. The idea of digital gardens on Basu’s digital gardens let you cultivate your own little bit of the internet was very intriguing to me. I understood the concept as allowing your creativity to flow fully by creating a page not restricted by conventional social media formats to express your passions. The article also talked about how this idea of digital gardens allows all ideas to get their shine , instead of the Twitter or Facebook model where only a few couple of posts go viral per day (Basu, 2020). After reading the article I think that digital gardens are a great way for people to get to express and do what they actually like without having to worry about numbers and statistics. One idea that I want to incorporate from this article into my own site is creating my own original format. I think that viewers may be more drawn to my site if I make it stand out from others. Another idea that I really liked was being able to go back into older posts and edit them to improve them. A lot of the time when we look back at our old work it seems flawed and outdated. By constantly editing and improving all of the content one has on the webpage the audience will always be faced with your best and updated work keeping them fully engaged. 

 Basu, T. (2020, September 3). Digital gardens let you cultivate your own little bit of the internet. MIT Technology Review.

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